As part of their current tour promoting their new single, Bones, Liverpool based band Scarlet.headlined The Castle alongside support bands Gardenback, Deh-Yey and Galahad’s.


Opening to an already eager crowd, Galahad’s performed a strong set while showcasing their psychedlic and blues influences. Performing for the love of live music, Galahad’s offered a variety of songs such as My Ex Stacey and Smiling which were very easy listening and laid back. You can listen to some of the band’s work here.


Mainly just watching bands live, it was highly refreshing seeing the duo DEH-YEY perform their blistering, overdriven set. With a dirty blues sound produced only by guitar and drums, I was blown away as each ear-worming riff could not only be heard, but felt in your chest as well. Playing gripping tracks like, Blaster of Puppets, Speedy Quickedge and ending on their latest single, Death and Politics, the duo have created a raw, energetic sound which could easily give Royal Blood a run for their money. Listen to Deh-Yeyhere and turn it up loud.


Main support of the night came from local band Gardenback. After only hearing their material online, I was thrilled to finally see them and they didn’t disappoint. Opening the set with Motorway, the band played hit after hit which both old and new fans seemed to love. The highlight of the set for me was the track, Health and Wellbeing. The song sports an addictive, punk bassline coupled with vocals reminemcent of the Dead Kennedy’s, you couldn’t help but dance to their ever-growing beat. Playing crowd pleasers such as Bull Dogsand Sleepless, Gardenback brought their driving set to a close with Bury Me. The track showed the band’s more gentle and melodic side before it progressed into a sound I was more familiar with- lead bass lines with attitude, along with a powerful drum beat and reverberating guitar chords. You can listen to their hypnotic, garage sound here.


Keeping the energy of the room at an all time high, Scarlet blasted through a set which was a force to be reckoned with. Opening up with the song, Alone, the DIY-Indie band brought their iconic, punchy sound alive while creating an unbeatable atmosphere. The band carried on their rock and roll set with euphoric tracks such as 10and Nothing, both grabbing the audience almost immediately as the crowd couldn’t get enough. Closing with Bones, you could tell that the band were immensely proud of what they had accomplished. The band have recently self released their debut album via crowd funding and are on a constant rise upwards. You can listen to the highly sort after band here.



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