Jimmy’s was undeniably the place to be this Saturday. LuCoo Live hosted a full day of music with 7 bands, followed by a DJ set and party from Suck It And Spin. Why would you want to be anywhere else?

Maddy Storm

Opening the event was Maddy Storm. The room was already jam packed- even though it was only half 3. Maddy has a bold, theatrical voice which quickly captures the attention of any audience. Last year she released three singles: To The Sun, Tempest and Silver Line. These can be found here.

The Goa Express

Taking clear rock and psychedelic influences, The Goa Express have an up beat sound fuelled by fuzzy riffs which wouldn’t fail to move any stage. They released a double A-side over summer, Goa & Kiss Me, which you can listen to here. Catch their gripping performance at The Castle Hotel in February, supporting Cool Ghouls.

Louie LouieBy the time the third band, Louie Louie, took to the stage it was starting to get even busier in the small venue. Despite a few electrical issues early on, the band picked themselves up and performed an engaging set. Their music has a vintage rock and roll feel. Listen to their newest single, Black Ashes, here.

The NixNever failing to entertain, The Nix were next to grace the stage. The 5 piece group bounce off each other when performing, this was reflected by the buzz in the room. They are incredibly dynamic which is demonstrated by their wide influence and lively music. The band closed with successful 2016 single, Fear Or Change. Definitely a song you can groove to with funky, distorted riffs. Earlier this year they released their debut EP, The Space Between, in the follow up of their sold out show at Deaf Institute in December. Listen to The Nix here or catch them in Huddersfield later this week.

GardenbackA band sporting a sound similar to the likes of Cabbage and The Dead Kennedy’s, Gardenback take a punk influence and mix it with rock for a fresh, new and roaring sound. The trio’s song Bulldog is particularly ear catching and includes a mixture of fierce, warped riffs with chanting vocals. The group ended with what I initially thought was a slower track, but they quickly picked up the pace and ended on a high. In early February you can catch the band in Wigan or at The Castle Hotel alongside Scarlet. Alternatively listen here.

Hello Operator The band Hello Operator create a distorted rock tone which got the entire room bouncing. By this point pretty much everyone had arrived and was watching the energetic band who were eagerly engaging with the fuelling crowd- causing a positive uproar in the room. Songs such as Oosh and Stephanie are unquestionable crowd movers. The band closed with possibly their most popular tune, Vex Money, which you can listen to here.

DantevillesHeadlining the event were Manchester based quartet, Dantevilles. They opened with popular hit Graffiti, a rhythmic track which began their bouncing set perfectly. The room was buzzing and everyone was excited for what was to come. The band treated the audience to their recent release Blackjack. Then mixed it up by performing a slower hit, titled Patience Is Calling, as well as giving the crowd a sneak peak of a currently unreleased song. The group have a clean yet driven tone which is coupled with psychedelic influences and a funky, up beat vibe. Every song performed was one I was itching to sing along to. The 4 piece closed with track Daydreamer which was performed with enthusiasm and hooked onto by the crowd- it was one of the most memorable tracks of the night. If you don’t want to miss out, listen to the band here or watch them at Deaf Institute alongside Sea Girls on 8th February.

Nobody wanted to miss out on the event and a venue twice the size could’ve easily been filled. Every single band who performed was great and the intimate atmosphere in Jimmy’s only added to the experience. It’s a gig I would happily go to again and again.

Liv X


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